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Photography has always been my passion.   Even as a young girl, I always had a camera and would take pictures of all my friends in the neighborhood.

I grew up in Northern CA and attended College of Marin where I learned old school darkroom skills and worked with manual, film cameras.  I was encouraged by my instructors to think about going pro. Life eventually took me down that recommend path.

It was in the mid 70’s, that I migrated from the San Francisco Bay Area down to Southern California, spacificlly, Studio City. 

I began my journey as a photographer by offering actors headshots.

At that same time, I also began to receive  asignments for the position of  still photographer on some Indepentant Films, AKA, “Indie’s”. 

I was invited to serve the American Film Institute, (AFI) films and worked with this incredible organization for three different productions.

That exposure became a bridge to more film and television industry opportunities that included photographic work for stage, film, and television.

In the late 70’s, I was offered an opportunity to work as a photographer for Atkinson Photography, which at the time was the primer photography studio that catered to top level executives. 

corprate photography

We providing executive portraits, annual reports, and all things having to do with corporate photographic needs.  The studio was in the Arco Towers in Downtown L.A.  Soon after joining the studio, I was promoted to the main photographer of the studio.

My time at Atkinson Photography gave me an opportunity to develop my skills for classic portraiture.

Executive portraits

This helped me to mold a unique style of photographic capture that sets me apart. It is a blend between candid, in-the-moment images combined with the skills of lighting quality, posing and group balance, all while making everything look natural but professional.

In the mid-80s I had moved into the world of print media photography.  Both commercial and editorial for various publications.

In the 90’s, I began to attract the attention of some major corporate clients which required a lot of travel.

Much of the work was coming in from South Florida. So I made the discission to move to South Florida and cultivate that growing market.  

I soon became the preferred photographer for many prominent, 5-star resorts including but not limited to, the exclusive Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo and the Doral Resort and Country Club.

Aside from the many top level corporate clients that I served over the years,  my skills provided an opportunity to also photograph many PGA events.

As a photographer, I have been graced  with a reputation for high quality wedding photography, which gave me access to the elite wedding photography market.

Over the years, I have received various awards from the Professional Photographers of America not just for image quality but for marketing campains as well. 

Golf photo

I have spent four decades creating images and touching many hearts with my approach to capturing fleeting moments that people cherish forever.  The attention to emotion, lighting, and detail, along with a sensibility to be discrete as I carried out assignments is what has always set me apart from the normal.   It is what has paved the way for long lasting business relationships.  

wedding dress

My style of wedding photography caught the attention of several wedding magazines, and I have been published in the Knot, Modern Bride, and Brides Magazine, just to name a few.

Wedding magazines
wedding magazines

Images For The Wall

Today, I am enjoying a more of a “stop and smell the roses” approach to my photography.

Even though I will acept them, I no longer pursue assignments, opting instead to capture images for the purpose of my own soul fulfillment.

I do however, offer images for the wall and you can learn more about that here.

Maltnomah Falls printed on metal


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